Tasty Tostadas

  • Makes 8 servings.
  • Ingredients:
    • 1 lb. Ground beef
    • 1 small Onion, diced
    • 2 packages of Taco seasoning
    • 1 can Refried beans
    • 3 T. Worcestershire sauce
    • 3 c. Shredded cheese
    • 1 package Flour tortillas
    • Oil for frying
    • 4 c. Shredded lettuce
    • 4 Tomatoes diced
    • Salsa or taco sauce
  • Instructions:
    • In a pan, cook ground beef and onion until browned. Drain. Add 1 package of taco seasoning mix.
    • In another pan, combine 1 package taco seasoning mix, refried beans, worcestershire sauce and 3 tablespoons cheese and heat until cheese is melted and beans are hot.
    • Heat oil in a pan large enough to hold tortillas. When oil is hot, fry tortillas until golden brown on each side. Drain on paper towels.
    • To service, spread each tortilla with bean mixture, top with seasoned meat, lettuce, diced tomatoes and remaining shredded cheese. Serve with salsa or taco sauce.
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