Calvin’s history

Dr. Ted Yeates, a senior pastor at Westminster Presbyterian Church, is credited with the earliest concept for Calvin Community – remodeling a house to create a residential retirement facility in Des Moines. However, planning meetings in 1959 quickly expanded the concept to a facility that, when fully occupied, would employ approximately 140 people and house 200 residents.

As soon as the project was announced to the public – even before the exact nature or cost of the facility was determined – Calvin began receiving requests for information.

Nearly 5,000 people attended an open house on May 16, 1965. Calvin opened to its first 50 residents the next day. By July, Calvin was half full. The Community was officially dedicated on September 25, 1965 by the Presbytery of Des Moines. And 100 apartments had been contracted by November 1965.

Today, about 200 residents call Calvin Community home. Recent remodeling projects have helped maintain and update the facility, and new programs and amenities are being offered as a result of input from the Board of Directors and Resident’s Council.

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