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Supporting our Parents

Joel Olah, Executive Director at Aging Resources of Central Iowa, discusses turning conversation to action when it comes to family caregiving. He covers population dynamics and caregiving, the case for caregiving, family dynamics and having the conversation, and caregiving resources. Embracing Aging is brought to you by Calvin Community Foundation,…
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Economic Security

David Strege, a managing partner at Syverson Strege & Company, covers the impact of aging on financial decision making, five warning signs that you’re running into issues on how to handle finances, and practical steps that can provide a way to protect the family wealth. Embracing Aging is brought to…
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Aging and the Law

Denise Hill, JD, MPA, Director of Health Law Programs, Drake University and an attorney at Whitfield & Eddy, discusses legal and ethical issues related to aging, including health care decision-making, end of life planning, and elder abuse and neglect. Embracing Aging is brought to you by Calvin Community Foundation, American…
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Palliative Care

The healthcare industry in America is so focused on pathology, surgery and pharmacology — on what doctors “do” to patients — that it often overlooks the values of the human beings it’s supposed to care for. Dr. Timothy Ihrig, Chief Medical Officer at Crossroads Hospice and Palliative Care, explains the…
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