5 Things to Look For in an Assisted Living Facility

Senior living facilities provide a safe environment for your loved one. They’ll be taken care of and receive consideration for their conditions. According to Consumer Affairs, seven out of 10 people require assisted living sometime. However, choosing the right assisted living facility is crucial. Look for these things to make sure you’re happy with the decision.

1. Location

It would be best to always consider where the assisted living facility is. It’s essential to make sure family members and loved ones can drop by for a visit. You’ll also want to consider nearby recreational activities to ensure you can pick up a loved one to hang out for the day.

2. Insurance

It’s imperative to ensure the assisted living facility accepts the current medical insurance in case medical services are required. Some people start in assisted living facilities but still need the care of a nurse or other medical professional. Always double-check the insurance senior living facilities accept.

3. Staff Ratio

Always inquire about the staff ratio regarding patients. When medical staff have fewer patients, it often results in a higher quality of care. Double-check state guidelines and ensure that the facility is within the guidelines. In general, patients who require more care should have a lower staff-to-resident ratio.

4. Cleanliness

Most facilities have housekeeping services available. However, this often depends on the facility. How clean a building is can tell you a lot about the business. Take a tour of the grounds and pay attention to whether common areas are kept clean. Observe whether the landscaping is well-maintained or not. This can help you determine if your loved one will be in a clean environment.

5. Socialization

It’s important to consider what socialization opportunities senior living facilities provide. Some facilities offer common areas where independent residents can enjoy time with one another. Others offer outings for residents or special nights throughout the week. Proper socialization is essential for cognitive functioning.

Senior facilities should have a low enough staff-to-resident ratio to provide excellent care for your loved one. Our staff is compassionate and our building is always clean. Contact us today at Calvin Community to schedule a tour. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the near future!

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